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Mardi, décembre 22nd, 2009



I wish a Merry Christmas and a very
Successful, Happy and Healthy New Year 2010,
to every one who came to visit this blog and Henry Sidgwick’s website.

Thanks to the 20,000 visitors of 2009 
for their interest in this major philosopher of the 19th century.

I’ll do my best to improve the website
and keep posting news about Sidgwick on the blog.
Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.






Hortense Geninet


4th meeting of the 2nd International Congress: Henry Sidgwick, Ethics, Psychics, Politics. University of Catania (Italy)

Mardi, décembre 15th, 2009

Intervenants to the Congress

The 4th meeting of the 2nd International Congress: Henry Sidgwick Ethics, Psychics, Politics was a great success, many students attended the convention as many Professors spoke, such as Rob Shaver, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg-Canada) spoke about the importance of the axiomes in Sidgwick’s Ethics and how those axioms are important in Sidgwick’s conception of morality of common sense.

Giuseppe Acocella, President of S. Pio V University (Rome-Italy) and vice-president of the CNEL, made a fascinating intervention which lasted about 45 minutes as the audience was captivated. It was also in italian, which made the speech more easelly understandable by the italian students.

Placido Bucolo, Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy (University of Catania-Italy) started the meeting by presenting my book: « POLITIQUES COMPAREES, Henry Sidwick et la politique moderne dans les Eléments Politiques », which is the 1st book ever published in french about Sidgwick and the 1st one, on a worldwide scale, published about his politics.

Bart Schultz paper’s was « Sidgwick, the Educator », he unfortunately could not be present and speak himself to the Congress but his paper was very interesting too.

Giuseppe Giarizzo former President of the Faculty of Litterature and Philosophy (University of Catania-Italy), made a very interesting intervention about Sidgwick’s desire of a qualified Democracy quoting many other thinkers and philosophers with whom Sidgwick was friend or that he knew as intellectuals or University Colleagues.

Giovanna Barba, PhD of Moral Philosophy, was a great help in the coordination of the interventions and as liknking each intervention to the other.

At the end of 2010, the proceedings of the Congress will be published on