5th meeting of the 2nd world Congress: Henry Sidgwick Ethics, Psychics, Politics


The 5th meeting will take place on March 18th, at the University of Catania, Ex Monastero dei Beneditti, in the Corro di Notte, ancient church where the monks used to sing the night prayers.

The intervenants will be:

Roger Crisp, Fellow and Tutor in Philsophy, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, who will talk about « SIDGWICK, ON INCOHERENCE AND DISCORD: reflexios »


Philip Schofield, Professor of History of Legal and Political Thought, University College London, Director dof the Bentham Project and associate editor of Utilitas, who will talk about « SIDGWICK ON BENTHAM: the double aspect of utilitarianism »

The meeting will start at 4:00 pm with the greetings of variour leaders of Catania University:

Antonio Recca, Chancellor of the University of Catania, Enrico Iachello, President of the College of liberal arts, Maria Barbanti
Director of the Culture, Human and Territorial Science Department, Francesco Coniglione, Director of the Development Process Department, Biagio Saitta, Director of the Human Science Department.

Then at 4:30 pm, the Introduction to the Congress by Francesco Coniglione and the lectures of the two foreign intervenatns, followed by a debate about the interventions.

This Congress is a public event open to every one interested in moral philsophy and utilitarianism.

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