Summary of the 5th meeting of the 2nd International Congress « Henry Sidgwick: Ethics, Psychics, Politics » March 18th 2010

Introduction to the Congress

The 5th meeting of the 2nd International Congress: Henry Sidgwick Ethics, Psychics, Politics was a quiet interesting and brought many students as the subjects studied concerned 2nd year students as well as Master students and Docrorate searchers. Two professors from United Kingdom made noticeable interventions as they spoke about classical and important matters of utilitarian philosophy: the philosophical analysis of Sidgwick’s thought about Incoherence and Discord and the intellectual relationship that Sidgwick (1838-1900) had with Bentham (1748-1832) and their different point of view regarding how they considered their philosophical thought and their faithfullness to utilitarianism at two diferents periods, as Bentham is a philosopher from the end of the 18th and begining of the 19th century and Sidgwick a philosopher of the end of the 19th century, whose philosophy d’avant garde, is quiet modern in its universal structure.

In fact, the first intervention by Roger Crisp Fellow and Tutor in Philsophy, St Anne’s College, Director of the Departement of Philosophy, University of Oxford consisted in some reflexions about Incoherence and Discord in Sidgwick’s philosophical thought and written work.

The second intervention by Philip Schofield, Professor of History of Legal and Political thought, University College London, Director of the Bentham Project. Associate Editor of Utilitas, was about the two aspects of Utilitarianism which can be found in both works of Sidgwick and Bentham.

 The videos of the interventions are coming soon 

Giovanna Barba and myself (Hortense Geninet) participated actively to the organisation and the coordination of Congress.
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