6th meeting of the 2nd International Congress Catania University, Intervanant: Anthony Skelton, Canada

This sixth meeting was, as the other meetings, brought not only many students and scholars from Catania University but also people who are interested in philosophy and utilitarianism. The intervention of Athony Skelton caught very well the attention of the audience and won a great success. Anthonny Skelton read a very interesting paper about the intellectual relationship and similitudes that we can find between Henry Sidgwick’s moral philosophy and Peter Singer’s. For Prof. Skelton Henry Sidgwick and Peter Singer are two of the most important utilitarian moralists, as they have much in common including a commitment to sofisticated formal utilitarianism. « Their commonality are equally obvious in their attitude toward practical ethics. Both share a keen sens of the importance of moral philosophy to practical ethics. » In this intervention Prof. Skelton compares the common aspects and the differences that we can find between those two utilitarian philosophers, and more specially how Singer develops and considers Sidgwick’s moral philosophy through the Methods of Ethics.

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